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Translation & DTP

Document Translations

  • Client: Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management
  • Service: Translation of 'Architecture of the Technical Infrastructure for Traffic control'
  • Languages: English to Dutch
  • Service: Translation of legal documents
  • Languages: Dutch to French
  • Client: Honda
  • Service: Translation of information for expats
  • Languages: Japanese to Dutch
  • Client: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • Service: Translation of import documents for cars
  • Languages: Japanese to Dutch
  • Client: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  • Service: Translation of pamphlets on art exhibitions
  • Languages: English to Japanese
  • Client: Port of Rotterdam
  • Service: Translation of prospectus on Maritime Structures, Wave Meters, Siltation, Soil Improvement, Land Reclamation, Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers and Databases
  • Languages: Japanese to Dutch
  • Client: KPMG
  • Service: Translation of brochures on tax management systems
  • Languages: English to Japanese

Game Localization

  • Client: Microsoft
  • Service: Full localization of Banjo & Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
  • Service: Ongoing localization of Xbox marketplace, game descriptions and other texts
  • Languages: English to Dutch
  • Microsoft: "Thanks for your excellent job!"

  • Client: Electronic Arts
  • Service: Main Dutch language consultant since April 2010
  • Service: Ongoing translation of websites, games and national TV commercials
  • Languages: English to Dutch
  • Electronic Arts: "We couldn't live without you anymore."

  • Client: SEGA
  • Service: Ongoing localization of press releases, websites and national TV commercials
  • Languages: English to Dutch
  • SEGA: "You are faster than Sonic! It's easy to read, and you clearly have experience with these types of texts!"

  • Client: Valve Corporation
  • Service: Lokalization of Dota 2
  • Languages: English to Japanese
  • Client: NCsoft
  • Service: Ongoing localization of game packaging and other texts (Guild Wars, City of Heroes)
  • Languages: English to Dutch
  • NCsoft: "You guys are fantastic!"

  • Client: Codemasters
  • Service: Ongoing translation of websites
  • Languages: English to Dutch

Website Translations

  • Client: Kaspersky Lab
  • Service: Website localization
  • Languages: English to Dutch
  • Client: MySpace International
  • Service: Website localization and cleaning-up of legacy translations
  • Languages: English to Dutch

Software Localization

  • Client: Network Associates
  • Service: Localization of anti-virus software
  • Languages: English to Dutch/Dutch to English
  • Network Associates: "You've never let us down! Akebono has always provided an efficient and friendly service."

  • Client: Mattel Interactive
  • Service: Localization of Puzzle, Stitch, Videoman
  • Languages: English to Danish/Finnish/Norwegian/Swedish
  • Client: Stoik Software
  • Service: Localization of miscellaneous software
  • Languages: English to Chinese (simplified)/Chinese (traditional)/Dutch/French/German/Italian/Spanish


  • Client: two tribes
  • Service: Implementation of Katakana & Hiragana alphabet in game for Nintendo Gameboy
  • Languages: Japanese