Licensed photo: Frantisek Staud

We speak your language: we check all terminology word-for-word against the target market. We would even go so far as to say that our translations are often better than the original text. It is no wonder that the Dutch government and companies like Akzo Nobel, DaimlerChrysler and Microsoft make use of our expertise.

Akebono has sharpened its expertise in various fields. Take a look at this page, where we have provided a small overview of the type of translations we do. This overview is far from complete, but it does provide a good impression of the range of work we have done up until now.

We also provide translations by sworn translators. Sworn translators are translators who have taken an oath at the district court. Translations done by a sworn translator are legally valid, normal translations are not. Therefore, whereas a brochure does not need to be translated by a sworn translator, a copy of a birth certificate or a notarial deed generally does. Sworn translations are always slightly more expensive than normal translations.

Web Translations

Research has shown that more than 34% of the Internet population does not speak English. It is therefore extremely important to put your site online in various languages. Akebono Translation Service specializes in website translations. If you wish, we can log into your server, download the pages to be translated and place the translations back on your server without a problem. You won't have to do a thing!

If the required language is somewhat more exotic, you are advised to use a well-established translation agency. Non-western languages often require a lot of know-how and costly software. To give you an idea: one of our customers had to put up an eighteen-month-long fight with her content provider before the Japanese was finally displayed correctly on the Internet. We can save you all of this hassle.


Please don't hesitate to request a quote or send us an e-mail. If you do this during office hours, we will get back to you within one hour.